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Boundaries established in treaties

French Guiana  (Show line)  (Download coordinates as GML)

Digital Documents:
Maritime Boundary Agreements (1970 - 1984)  (Download)
Maritime Delimitation Treaty between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the French Republic (30 January 1981)  (Download)

Uruguay  (Show line)  (Download coordinates as GML)

Digital Documents:
Exchange of Notes Constituting an Agreement between the Government of Brazil and the Government of Uruguay on the Definitive Demarcation of the Sea Outlet of the Arroyo Chui and the Lateral Maritime Border (21 July 1972)  (Download)
Maritime Boundary: Brazil - Uruguay  (Download)

Boundaries calculated as median line

French Guiana

Digital Documents:
VLIZ Median Line  (View)



Digital Documents:
DECREE No 8.400, OF 4 FEBRUARY 2015 (Brazil)  (Download)

200NM boundaries


Digital Documents:
200NM limit  (View)