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Marine Regions’ products have been licensed under CC-BY since Maritime Boundaries version 11 (2019). Please contact us for other uses of the Licensed Material beyond license terms. We kindly request our users not to make our products available for download elsewhere and to always refer to for the most up-to-date products and services.

Terms of use

Marine Regions is not meant to be used for legal, economical (in the sense of exploration of natural resources) or navigational purposes. It is developed solely for scientific, educational and research purposes.

VLIZ can in no case be held accountable or liable for faults, of any nature, that might occur in the usage of Marine Regions. All those who wish to use Marine Regions do so completely at own risk/under own responsibility and according to the License conditions and the Terms of Use. VLIZ expresses no opinion about the legal state neither of any country, territory or area nor concerning its delimitation, frontier or borders. The data has no legal value whatsoever.

Marine Regions can be used according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the CC-license (CC-BY). The provisions above in no way replace the provisions of the CC-license. If any of the abovementioned provisions divert from or contradict the provisions of the CC-license in any way, the CC-license provisions prevail.

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If Marine Regions' data is used for a publication or product, we kindly request to inform us ( and we'll add the publication to our users page.

Feedback of the users of Marine Regions is more than welcome. In case you notice mistakes, incompleteness or are willing to join us in this endeavor, please feel free to open an issue or start a discussion on our public GitHub forum, or contact us on if it concerns sensitive information that should not be shared publicly.


The complete database can be cited as follows:
Flanders Marine Institute (2024): Available online at Consulted on 2024-07-14.

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