New release: version 12 of Maritime Boundaries

Added on 2023-10-26 11:37:16 by Whatley, Lawrence is proud to launch version 12 of the Maritime Boundaries Geodatabase.
In this new release, Marine Regions has updated the global Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) dataset (version 12) andĀ has launched version 4 of the datasets for theĀ Territorial Seas (TS), Contiguous Zones (CZ), Internal Waters (IW) and Archipelagic Waters (AW).

Some new features of this release:
  • New and Adjusted Line Types
    Maritime Boundaries has six new line types to better represent the different sources and methods we use. These new types include normal baselines provided by states, boundaries decided by international courts or tribunals, and unsettled lines delimiting overlapping claims. Visit our page defining the line types to learn more.
  • New Treaties
    Updating borders is a never-ending task. We have adjusted the boundaries and their derived products in version 12 based on the latest treaties and International Court of Justice rulings. All the sources are documented in the attributes of the boundary lines.
All changes that were made for this version can be found here.
Downloads of this new version can be found here.

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