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Status Alternative classification Alternative classification, try to use a different MRGID
Language Name Name source
EnglishEMODnet-Biology reporting area: ArticEuropean Environment Agency (EEA) (look up in IMIS)   
PlaceType EMODnet Biology Reporting Areas 
Latitude 76° 24' 24.8" N (76.40689°)  
Longitude 8° 41' 23.6" E (8.68989°)  
Min. Lat 59° 57' 48.2" N (59.9634°)  
Min. Long 44° 1' 18.6" W (-44.0218°)  
Max. Lat 90° 0' 0" N (90°)  
Max. Long 69° 5' 26.7" E (69.0907°)  
Source Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) (look up in IMIS)
Notes General information (en): The EMODnet Biology Reporting Areas are a modified version of the European Union Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) regions and subregions by the EMODnet-Biology Data Management Team. The original MSFD layer is available at:    
Part of  EMODnet Biology Reporting Areas (EMODnet Biology Reporting Areas) 
Download Layer: Emodnet:reportingareas - format:   
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