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MRGID 8542
Status Alternative classification Alternative classification, try to use a different MRGID synonym of North Sea (IHO Sea Area)
Language Name Name source
EnglishNorth SeaLarge Marine Ecosystems of the World   
PlaceType Large Marine Ecosystem 
Latitude 56° 30' 29.7" N (56.50826°)  
Longitude 3° 47' 25.3" E (3.790361°)  
Precision 827925 meter 
Min. Lat 50° 58' 1.9" N (50.9672°)  
Min. Long 5° 21' 24.4" W (-5.3568°)  
Max. Lat 62° 2' 57.6" N (62.0493°)  
Max. Long 12° 56' 15" E (12.9375°)  
Source Large Marine Ecosystems of the World, available online at
Images The North Sea
The North Sea

Gilis (1957, figuur 2.7)
Gilis (1957, figuur 2.7)

Bathymetry of the North Sea
Bathymetry of the North Sea

North Sea
North Sea
Part of  Large Marine Ecosystems (General Region)  [view hierarchy]   
Similar to  North Sea (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
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