Marine Gazetteer - how to use?

You can search the Marine Gazetteer in two different ways:

By name and/or placetype: Click on 'search' and you will see a simple fill-in field, where you can fill in the geographic name you are looking for and a combobox with the different placetypes. If you leave the fill-in form blank and you click on search, you will get the list with all the placenames from the database.


Browse the Geographic tree: By clicking on the + and- sign you will expand and collapse the tree and see all the relations between the different placetypes, relations can be 'part of, adjacent to, streams through or flows out'.

The gazetteer can roughly be divided into two categories: a physical part and an administrative part:

Of course these two parts can have relations between each other (i.e. the Dutch Exclusive Economic Zone is part of the North Sea)