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Status Alternative classification Alternative classification, try to use a different MRGID
Language Name Name source
EnglishSantos CDSDuarte, C. S. L. and A. R. Viana (2007). Santos Drift System: stratigraphic organization and implications for late Cenozoic palaeocirculation in the Santos Basin, SW Atlantic Ocean. Economic and Palaeoceanographic Importance of Contourite Deposits. A. R. Viana and M. Rebesco. London, Geological Society. 276: 171-198. (look up in IMIS)   
PlaceType Contourite Depositional System 
Latitude 25° 35' 12.2" S (-25.58672722°)  
Longitude 43° 24' 4.4" W (-43.40122269°)  
Min. Lat 27° 51' 31" S (-27.8586°)  
Min. Long 45° 57' 49.9" W (-45.9639°)  
Max. Lat 23° 43' 14" S (-23.7206°)  
Max. Long 40° 44' 0.1" W (-40.7334°)  
Notes Coordinate information (en): Coordinates redefined in 2014. These coordinates represent the centroid and the bounding box of the polygon from the shapefile.    
Part of  Southeastern Brazil (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW)) 
Influenced by  Antarctic Bottom Water (Water mass) 
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