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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishTalbot GlacierU.S. Board on Geographic Names   
PlaceType Glacier 
Latitude 65° 15' 0" S (-65.25°)  
Longitude 63° 12' 57.6" W (-63.216°)  
Source U.S. Board on Geographic Names, available online at
Notes Belgica information: Glacier flowing into Etienne Fjord, Flandres Bay, on the W coast of Graham Land. First charted by the BelgAE under Gerlache, 1897-99. Named by the UK-APC in 1960 for William H.F. Talbot (1800-77), English inventor of the first practical photographic process on paper, perfected and called calotype in 1839-41.    
Part of  Graham Land (Peninsula)  [view hierarchy]   
Flows out  √Čtienne Fjord (Fjord)  [view hierarchy]   
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