About Marine Regions

Marine Regions is a standard list of marine georeferenced place names and areas. It integrates and serves geographic information from the VLIMAR Gazetteer and the MARBOUND database and proposes a standard of marine georeferenced locations, boundaries and regions.


32,747 marine georeferenced places
40,824 marine place names
12,723 polygons of geographic places
12 marine geographic regional/global classifications
Maritime Boundaries (EEZ) of the world


GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names integrated in Marine Regions
Added on: 2014-09-26 09:06:14 by Claus, Simon
The GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN), operated under IHO and IOC, maintains and makes available a digital gazetteer of the names and geographic position of features on the sea floor. Their recently launched digital gazetteer is now linked with Marine Regions using OGC webservices. You can consult the georeferenced undersea features by selecting Sources: 'IHO-IOC GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names'. Marine Regions is providing both accepted, synonym and previously accepted terms. [Read more]
List of Contourite Depositional Systems and Drifts updated.
Added on: 2014-08-14 10:32:54 by De Hauwere, Nathalie
The list of Contourite Depositional Systems and Drifts was extended in 2014. 81 new records of the place type Drift have been added based on the summary paper from Rebesco et al., 2014. ... [Read more]
GeoServer updated to v. 2.5, introducing NetCDF & WFS paging support
Added on: 2014-04-26 15:53:50 by Vanhoorne, Bart
The OGC backend of MarineRegions has been upgraded to the latest version (GeoServer 2.5) [Read more]
Marine Regions published in Marine Geodesy
Added on: 2014-04-01 13:17:07 by Claus, Simon
'Marine Regions: Towards a global standard for georeferenced marine names and boundaries' has been accepted for publication. The Author’s Accepted Manuscript of the article published in Marine Geodesy, 2014, is available online at the VLIZ library at http://www.vliz.be/en/catalogue?module=ref&refid=234589 ... [Read more]
A new version (V8) of the World EEZ shapefiles has been released
Added on: 2014-02-28 10:00:29 by Claus, Simon
A new version (V8) of the World EEZ shapefiles has been released. 17 boundaries are updated, including the recently agreed maritime boundary between Chile and Peru. The new version - including a change history - is available via the download page. [Read more]

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