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Status Alternative classification Alternative classification, try to use a different MRGID synonym of Kara Sea (IHO Sea Area)
Language Name Name source
EnglishKara SeaLarge Marine Ecosystems of the World   
PlaceType Large Marine Ecosystem 
Latitude 73° 58' 32.9" N (73.9758°)  
Longitude 81° 15' 30.3" E (81.25842°)  
Precision 1099446 meter 
Min. Lat 66° 13' 10" N (66.2194°)  
Min. Long 55° 7' 5" E (55.1181°)  
Max. Lat 81° 43' 55.7" N (81.7322°)  
Max. Long 107° 23' 55.7" E (107.3988°)  
Source Large Marine Ecosystems of the World, available online at
Part of  Large Marine Ecosystems (General Region) 
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