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Language Name Name source
UncertainEnderby Abyssal PlainIHO-IOC GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names (2018-06-25 - current version)   
UncertainEnderby PlainUS BGN Advisory Committee on Undersea Features (ACUF)   
PlaceType Abyssal Plain 
Latitude 60° 10' 40.9" S (-60.17804008°)  
Longitude 41° 39' 56.2" E (41.66560557°)  
Min. Lat 64° 30' 0" S (-64.5°)  
Min. Long 25° 0' 0" E (25°)  
Max. Lat 55° 30' 0" S (-55.5°)  
Max. Long 56° 0' 0" E (56°)  
Source IHO-IOC GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names (2018-06-25 - current version), available online at
Notes Updated coordinates (GEBCO May 2014) - Previous values (GEBCO October 2002): [Min. Lat: 55°0'0"S] ; [Min. Long: 29°0'0"E] ; [Max. Lat: 63°0'0"S] ; [Max. Long: 55°0'0"E]     
GEBCO: associated meeting, proposer and year of proposal: Proposer: Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen, Columbia University, USA. Year of proposal: 1965.    
GEBCO: discoverer and year of discovery: Discoverer: Various vessels, notably British research vessel "Discovery II" and Russian research vessel "Ob". Year of discovery: 1930.    
Additional information: Shown as Enderby Plain in the ACUF Gazetteer.    
Coordinates in ACUF: Latitude: -60; Longitude: 40    
ACUF unique id (UFI): -153307    
Part of  Indian Ocean (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
Part of  Antarctic 200NM zone beyond the coastline (EEZ)  [view hierarchy]   
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